Welcome to Vida Health Bar! Our mission is to help our communities Live La Vida Healthy! Check out our healthy, fresh, and delicious menu!

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Live La Vida Healthy

Delicious, vibrant, and plant based.

Fresh fruits and veggies. No ice filter or artificial ingredients.

Dairy-free and Gluten-free.


Try it while it lasts!

Customer Reviews


Amanda Hacker

I have never done a good/restaurant review before, but I had to do one for Vida Heath Bar because it was really, really, good. My coworker and I came from out of town and needed to find a quick lunch - we found this restaurant on Happy Cow. The service was incredible - super friendly and knowledgeable, quick and efficient. The gentleman serving us (may have been the owner?) easily made recommendations because it was our first time there - and he offered different plant based add ons for us to try (I recommend the Parmesan!). The food itself was amazing, I got the vegan tacos and they are huge! I almost couldn’t finish all three, but I also couldn’t stop eating because it was that good. If you are in Yakima, I would strongly recommend giving them a try! I am from the West side of the state, but I will be taking every opportunity I can do patronize this establishment in the future.


Jack Ip

Def not a vegan by any means, but came across this place randomly as trying to eat a bit healthier. Got to eat, the vegan tacos are amazing! Super tasty and really filling. Will definitely be coming back to try more of their menu.


Erika Valencia

Highly recommend! This place offers healthy options without compromising the taste. Their vegan tacos are delicious - they use fresh, colorful ingredients. Their smoothie: 10/10! I had their chocolate pie today and it has become my favorite pastry in town. If you like rich chocolaty goodness, you need to try this pie! They have very generous portions and it becomes apparent right away they use the best ingredients. Love the vibe of this place (they are on Uber/DoorDash/etc but recommend going in person as well).


Dhea Powers

Guilt-free & gluten free deliciousness! The smoothies are all wonderful and the food yummy! Everything they make is like a beautiful work of art. Pleasing to the eye and yummy for your tummy! They put such precision and care into everything they do. I really appreciated the rose they tucked inside our order for Valentine's day, today. Thank you!


Jamie B

Vegan chorizo tacos and chocolate pie are delish! Loved the sauces that came with both dishes! Super friendly and welcoming! I will be visiting this establishment again when I am in town. Thank you for offering nutritious AND delicious plant-based options in the valley! Thank you for your hospitality!